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Ambiguities regarding the right to examine, feedback and questions about studies and general coordination between students, professors and the university level - a large number of committees are responsible for these and many other things at our university. Some of them - for example the student council or your student representative body - you may already know. Besides these, there are many other committees - far too many to list here - that make sure that everything works well at our university. Some of them are listed below.

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Our committees

The Student Council (StuRa) is the elected representation of interests of the students of the TU Ilmenau and represents the students towards the university, the city, the state and the federal government. Furthermore, it communicates with many of the other committees of our university - so if you have questions, problems and ideas about studying and campus life, you have come to the right place.
Since the work of the StuRas covers a multitude of areas, it is additionally divided into different departments and working groups. An introduction to these you can also find in the tab "student committees".


The student councils (FSRs) are in a sense a student council at the faculty level. They do similar work to the student council, but primarily related to their faculty. In addition, many student councils organise leisure activities for their students. Like the departments and AGs of the StuRas, they also introduce themselves in the tab "Student Councils".

The elected convention is the assembly of all student representatives and usually meets once a month. It is chaired by the student consul. All elected student representatives of the StuRa, the student councils, the faculty councils, the equal opportunities council, the senate and its standing committees and the consul himself are entitled to vote. Each person has one vote.

The main task of this body is to ensure the flow of information and to propose the student consul.


The faculty councils (FakRäte) also exist at the faculty level. They decide on the financial and personnel resources and on the study, examination and doctoral regulations of their faculty. In addition to students, a certain number of professors and scientific and other employees are elected to this body.

The student advisory board (StuBra) is the interface between the student council and the city council. The members of the student council are present at the meetings of the city council, where they have a say and can also participate in the committees of the city council. This gives them the opportunity to advocate for the interests of the students at city level.

You can find a link to the website of the student council in the sub-tab "StuBra" at "Student Committees".

The Study Course Commissions (SGKs) exist at the study course level - i.e. there is a different SGK for each study course. They deal with study and examination plans, study regulations and other regulations concerning their degree programme.

The Senate is the highest decision-making body of the University and deals with all inter-faculty issues. It is not only staffed by students, but also by professors and staff members. Among other things, the Senate deals with the establishment, modification and dissolution of study programmes, the adoption of study and examination regulations and the appointment of professors. Since this also involves a relatively large amount of work, the Senate has two committees, the Study Committee and the Research Committee.

The student representatives of the senate are elected at the same time as the StuRa elections.

The consul has the task of ensuring the flow of information between the university and the student body and may therefore participate in all committee meetings in an advisory capacity. In addition, he or she heads the elected convention, is responsible for the mailing lists of the student committee representatives, issues committee certificates, maintains the committee wiki and is involved in the Public Relations Department and the IT Department. The work as a consul corresponds to a 40-hour week and is so extensive that it cannot be combined with a degree course. Therefore, the Consul is granted a leave of absence during his term of office and receives a salary, which is paid half by the University and half by the student body.

Prerequisite for being a consul is the student status at the Technical University of Ilmenau. The consul is proposed to the student council by the convent of electors and elected by the student council. The election usually takes place in January, although the term of office does not begin until April and lasts one year. A one-time re-election is possible. The office of the consul has been in existence since 2008. More information about the previous consuls and the office itself can be found in the committee wiki.

Contact us:
Mail: konsul@tu-ilmenau.de
Mobile and fixed network: 03677/69-1974

The Konferenz Thüringer Studierendenschaften (KTS) is the association of the student councils of the Thuringian universities and represents the students of the state of Thuringia towards the state itself.

It presents itself on its website www.kts-thueringen.de.