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Department "Public Relations"

The department “Public Relations” is one of the few departments which have less to do with the content-related organization of the Students Council: the focus is rather on the communication with the various players on the campus, the media and the public in general.

Since the Students Council is exclusively paid by the students and our actions and offerings are mainly executed by the students themselves, we have the task to inform you about our activities and don’t want to keep back what happens with your money.

To meet the requirements we use several communication channels. The most common and on the campus most widespread channel is the so called “StuRapport”. This magazine is published regularly during the semester and aims at informing you about our activities as well as offering you how you can become active yourself. The department “Public Relations” is responsible for the production and distribution of the StuRapport. The articles are written in cooperation with the other departments and the student representatives.

But the department also makes use of other communication channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, issuu.com, the website of the Students Council and especially the student portal Ilmenau (sPI) to ensure the communication between the Students Council and the target groups.

Not only current topics receive attention by the department “Public Relations”. The “Irrlicht”, a student annual calendar is realised here. “Irrlicht” is a project that ties a few members of the department for almost three months and is an important magazine especially for new students. In addition to that the department is also in charge of the merchandising products of the Students Council with regard to the order of promotion articles as well as the reorder of materials.

If you are interested in working in our team you can write us (contact dates above) or simply come to our office.


The Students Council (StuRa) is the elected representative of the student body of the TU Ilmenau



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