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What does the student consul do?

The results of the work are well informed and networked - especially student - committee representatives, a student body that is informed about the work and positions of its representatives, and a university in which the group representatives also know the needs of the other groups. Concrete, tangible results for the student body and the university are, however, very rare in an almost exclusively consultative role, since the consul does not participate in the voting process, but instead depends on the majorities in the committees. The student consul has been at the Technical University of Ilmenau since 2008.


The consul has the task of ensuring the flow of information between the university and the student body. To this end, he/she informs himself/herself about current topics and contents at all meetings of the student body, the university (if with student participation) and the Rectorate Advisory Service, and passes on the information in an advisory capacity to these very bodies - in particular to newly elected student representatives - and the student body. In addition, he passes on inquiries to the student body to the responsible office and moderates discussions within the student body. Furthermore, he chairs the assembly of all elected student representatives - the Elected Convention, which meets monthly, as well as some other assemblies that meet less frequently; he is responsible for the mailing lists of the student body representatives; issues body certificates; maintains the body wiki and is involved in the Public Relations Department and the IT Department. The work as a consul corresponds to a 40-hour week and is so extensive that it cannot be combined with studies. Therefore, the Consul is granted a leave of absence during his term of office and receives a salary, which is half paid by the University and half by the student body.

How do I become a Consul?

To become a consul, you must be a student at the Technical University of Ilmenau. The consul is proposed to the student council by the Convention of Election and elected by the student council. The student council is not bound to the vote of the convention of electors. The election usually takes place in January, so if you are interested, please contact the Student Council in December at the latest. The term of office is one year, a one-time re-election is possible.

What are the qualifications a consul should have?

You should have detailed knowledge of the committees of the university and the student body and already have sufficient committee experience. Furthermore, you should be able to deal well with people, as your work is exclusively advisory, organisational and managerial. It is also very helpful to be able to read and answer large amounts of e-mails quickly and to have sufficient information technology skills to be able to complete many tasks automatically. In addition, the ability to work in a team and to work independently is required.

If you have further questions about our consul, please contact us at konsul@tu-ilmenau.de!