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Wiebke Henriette Reckmann

The Student Council enables students in financial distress to bridge a financial bottleneck in the short term by guaranteeing a loan. This offers students the opportunity to receive a one-time, cashless payment (interest-free and free of charge) for a maximum amount of 1,800 €. A deviation from this amount is possible in individual cases and under guarantee.

In principle, the student's neediness must be explained in an internal StuRa meeting. Self-explanatory is the secrecy of your data and our discreet handling of it. A positive vote paves the way for a binding loan agreement with the StuRa and according to agreements the granting of the loan.

You are in financial need yourself? Contact the Department of Social Affairs at ref-soziales@stura.tu-ilmenau.de.

What are the advantages of the StuRa loan? The loan can be repaid individually within the student's means - but is limited to six months up to a maximum of twelve months. The loan must be repaid on time. A plan and possible risks for repayment are also presented to the student council. Ultimately, such a loan is decided by the issuance of a binding loan agreement between both parties.

Note: Associations can also become contractual partners of the Student Council and thus reference parties of the StuRa loan.