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One-time payment for students

In order to relieve students from increased energy costs, the German government is planning a one-time payment of 200 € for all students who were enrolled at a university in Germany as of December 1, 2022 and have their residence or usual place of abode in Germany. On this page we provide you with information on how to apply for the one-time payment and how to set up the necessary identification procedures.

A personal access code provided by the university and a user account for the so-called BundID are to serve as proof of entitlement to the money. There are two different options for registering the BundID:

  • Registration with eID (electronic ID card, electronic residence permit, European eID) or ELSTER certificate
    If you want to use the BundID and the online function of your ID card or residence permit to apply, you can already take care of setting up your smartphone or PC until the one-time payment portal is activated. We explain how to do this in the following section Setting up the BundID.
  • Registration with user name and password
    If you do not want to use your ID card or an ELSTER certificate for authentication, you can only use the personal PIN provided by the university. How to set up your BundID account for this purpose is explained in the section Registration for the Bund ID. You can skip the sections before that.

From March 15, 2023 you can download your personal access code and PIN from the exam portal (os.tu-ilmenau.de). Please note that the multi-factor authentication of the TU Ilmenau must be set up for this. You can find more information and links in the section Applying for the one-time payment.

Setting up the BundID

The BundID can be created using the online function of the ID card. How to set up the online function of the ID card and thus register for the BundID is explained here.

Alternatively, the BundID can also be created with an ELSTER certificate (electronic tax return). For the registration with ELSTER and the creation of an ELSTER certificate you can find an explanatory video here. After the creation of the ELSTER certificate you can directly proceed with the registration for the BundID.

ID card

You will need the following things:

  • Valid identity card (with PIN letter)
  • Smartphone with NFC or PC and card reader
  • AusweisApp2

First, you need to find out whether your ID card supports the online function. You can recognize this by the following symbol on your ID card:

The online function is activated by default for ID cards that were delivered after July 15, 2017 to persons who were at least 16 years old on that date. If you decided against activating the online function when your ID card was issued before this date, you can still apply for activation later on the website linked via the "Activate eID or reset PIN" button with the AusweisApp2. You can also reset your PIN there if you have forgotten it. A sample of the activation and PIN reset letter, which you will then receive by PostIdent, can be found here.

For subsequent activation, the QR code present on the second page of the PIN letter must be scanned with the smartphone or the activation code must be entered manually on the website indicated there.

Source: BMI

The PIN letter sent to you should contain two fields to scratch off on the second page. On the left-hand side, you should find the transport PIN that is needed to set up the eID function. This is the only one you need to scratch off. Then you can use it and the AusweisApp2 to activate the eID function of your ID card.


The AusweisApp2 can be used for identification with the online function of the ID card and downloaded via the links below. The prerequisite for use is an NFC-enabled smartphone or a compatible card reader. It is possible to use the smartphone as a card reader for the PC if the "Remote access" function is activated in the app on the smartphone.

The compatibility of the device can be checked in the app:

If the device is compatible, the transport PIN on the PIN letter that you should have received after applying for your last ID card or resetting the PIN can be scratched free and then changed in the AusweisApp2. To do this, first select "Change my (transport) PIN". Then click on "Five-digit transport PIN".

You will then be asked to hold your ID card up to the back of your smartphone and to enter and confirm a new six-digit PIN. After that, the setup of the online function of your ID card is complete.

Registration for the Bund ID

Now you can register for the BundID on the BundID website. There you select the authentication method you want and then follow the instructions of the portal.

Note: For the variant with eID, the AusweisApp2 must be started. You will then be redirected to the AusweisApp2 and asked to identify yourself with your ID card and PIN via NFC on your smartphone or card reader on your PC.

The portal will now send you an e-mail to the e-mail address you entered. In this email you have to click on the button "Activate my account".

Application for the one-time payment

In the exam portal (os.tu-ilmenau.de) you can download your access code and PIN. To do so, click on "EPPSG access code" and "EPPSG PIN" in the navigation on the left. The codes that are important for you can be found at the places marked in red in the picture below.

To log in to the exam portal, you must have activated multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the MFA portal! You can find instructions on how to set this up on the intranet.

For support around the MFA you can contact the computer center via the e-mail address mfa@tu-ilmenau.de.

Now you can access the one-time payment portal (antrag.einmalzahlung200.de). You may have to wait a little while until you are redirected to the application. When the time has come, you can enter your access code and PIN (also select "Yes" there) from the examination portal and "Thuringia" as the federal state of the university.

By clicking on "Log in with BundID" you will be redirected to the BundID portal. Here you click on "Log in" if you already have a BundID account or on "Create account" if you do not have a BundID account yet. On the page that follows after clicking "Sign in", you can choose how you want to authenticate yourself. Then follow the instructions in the BundID portal and, if necessary, in the ID card app2.

Note: During our test at noon on March 15, the connection of the AusweisApp2 with the BundID authentication servers unfortunately did not work. The error could be due to an overload of the servers. Authentication via username and password, on the other hand, worked.

After successfully logging into the BundID portal, you will be redirected back to the one-time payment portal by clicking "Continue to Application".

On the application page, most fields are already filled in with the data from the BundID account. You can also have your personal data filled in automatically by selecting "Transfer from BundID".

Then you only need to enter your account details and tick all the confirmations for application eligibility. Then you can click on "Submit" at the bottom right and after a while you will receive the notification of the application by e-mail.

Support with problems

You can contact eppsg@tu-ilmenau.de with questions about the application process.

You can also contact the operators of the portal:

  • If you have a problem with the application, contact the support for the one-time payment200 service directly via the contact form or the hotline.
  • If you have problems setting up the BundID, contact the support for the Bund user account via the contact form.


If you have any suggestions for improving the instructions or if you have noticed an error, we would be happy to receive your feedback at ref-hopo@stura.tu-ilmenau.de.

In case of problems with the application process, we can only help you to a limited extent, since we are also in the exam period and therefore have little time. We would therefore like to apologize in advance if we are unable to reply to all messages.