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The Department of Finance (Referat Finanzen) is responsible for the administration of student funds paid to the StuRa. Particularly important is the promotion of campus-internal projects.

It consists of a budget manager, his or her deputy and the treasurer.

Other tasks of the department include

  • Preparation of the budget, budget closure and justification before the internal audit
  • Advice and information about funding opportunities for student projects

Internal projects

Internal projects (from student councils and departments) will no longer be accepted in paper form. You will find the new online system here.

External projects

External projects are all requests that are submitted by associations or other organisations that are not a student council.
You can find more information on how to apply here.

StuRa Loan

To support their students, the StuRa can grant loans of up to 1,800 EUR.

More information can be found here.