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For very important subjects or those which are of interest for the students for a longer period should not only be mentioned as a news article or in an information letter. That is why we publish from time to time brochures – they will make your everyday life a bit easier.  

The topics the brochures are dealing with are indeed widely spread. We already published a committee brochure for all students who are interested in higher education policy together with the annual Erstiguide for our students in the first semester. Waste separation is an important subject, too, so that we developed a small handout dealing with this topic.

At the moment the department “International Issues” is busy with the preparation of several brochures for foreign students studying at the TU Ilmenau, to help them living here in Germany and create their stay more comfortable.

Below you find the committee brochure as download, but if you have any ideas with regard to useful information brochures, please write an E-Mail to: stura@send-spam-somewhere-elsetu-ilmenau.de

Other brochures can be found here: issuu.com/stura_ilmenau/docs.

Culture booklet

The culture booklet was contemplate a long rime as an assosiation signpost of the special kind. Finished in August 2012, it was given in December 2012 to students for the first time. 

It includes all clubs, associations and initiatives in the University of Technology of Ilmenau and introduces this in detail. The same is valid for the unit and AG's of the student's advice. A short description of the university as well as their committees complete the culture booklet. 

The goal of the booklet is to inspire new students for the respective associations and the charitable work and to form the time in Ilmenau so nicely and excitingly to them as possible. 

And here is the Link to the culture booklet: 




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