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StuRa Loan

You are in financial straits? The Student Counsil (StuRa) offers loans for students in need. A one-time payment of up to 1,800 € (without interests/fees, cash-free) could be granted under certain circumstances:

  1. First, a member of the Department of Social Affairs (Referat Soziales) must be contacted for a first counseling session and the determination of your financial `need` based on the StuRa credit guideline. Please contact the department via e-mail (ref-soziales@tu-ilmenau.de) for further information.
  2. Afterwards, financial details and your situation must be presented before StuRa. We assure you to handle all your data very discretely.
  3. Once your data has been reviewed StuRa votes on your application and your loan might be granted. An amount that exceeds the 1,800 € could be granted if a security can be provided.
  4. In case of a granted loan the terms of payment will be established in a contract. Negotiations on those terms will be based on your individual circumstances.
  5. However, the loan must be paid back in full measure – on time. A plan on how the money can be reimbursed and all possible risks attached to it must be presented in advance with the initial application.

Please note: Clubs and student organizations of that kind can be recipients of the StuRa-loan as well.

credit guideline - only in german