• Foto: TU Ilmenau/Urheber.



Alessa Serena Veronique Lange

It is possible to borrow several items from the StuRa.

You can send a request to ausleihe@stura.tu-ilmenau.de. The pick-up date will be arranged by email and usually takes place during the opening hours of our StuRa office.

The following items can be borrowed:

  • 0,5l cup
  • 0,2l cup
  • Beer table set (1x table, 2x benches)
  • Cutting boards
  • Youth Hostel Card
  • Kettle
  • Mulled wine cooker
  • Coffee machine (large and small)
  • Pavilion (3 m x 4,5 m)
  • Grill