• Foto: TU Ilmenau/Urheber.


The "Interclub" is currently being refurbished. Depending on how fast the construction work proceeds we will be able to reopen the Interclub earliest by beginning of the summer term 2018.

Once the "Interclub" is at your disposal again we will announce it immediately on the StuRa Facebook page. Furthermore, for the reopening the name is supposed to be changed. If you have any suggestions, please send them to the e-mail address displayed above.

General Information:

The "Interclub" is not really a club according to the classical meaning. A few rooms in the cellar of house L belong to this facility, which can be used for events or small festivities.

The aim of the project "Interclub" is to provide an intercultural meeting place for events by and with international students as well as being a meeting point of various student associations.

The "Interclub" is run by the students' council (StuRa).