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Bicycle-self-help-repair and assembling shop

The campus bike garage - some people call it "Fahrradise" - is open every Thursday from 5 till 8 p.m. Depending on need and capacity the offer will be extended to include more days as time goes on. The team is helping you with words and deeds as well as proper tools whilst reparing your bike. The campus bike garage is a project of the department of sports, environment and health as a part of Studierendenrat of TU Ilmenau (students' council) in cooperation with the local group of "Ingenieure ohne Grenzen" (Engineers Without Borders).


For queries or urgent need of an appointment please contact fahrradwerkstatt@send-spam-somewhere-elsestura.tu-ilmenau.de.


You can also visit the Facebook page www.facebook.com/fahrrad.ilmenau for more information and changes if any.


The Students Council (StuRa) is the elected representative of the student body of the TU Ilmenau



Max-Planck-Ring 7
(House A, basement room 013)
98693 Ilmenau

Tel: 03677/69-1914
Fax: 03677/69-1193

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday:
10 - 13 o'clock, 14 - 16 o'clock
10 - 13 o'clock, 14 - 15 o'clock

Wednesday 19 o'clock
EAZ room 1337