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Semester ticket

Dear students,

the contract with the conditions for the semester ticket is negotiated between the student bodies and Deutsche Bahn and can be terminated every two years. As long as the contract is not terminated, it continues automatically under the previous conditions. Every two years there are regular new discussions and negotiations regarding the costs and scope of the semester ticket.

After last year the German Railway first announced the termination or a price increase, but did not notice the termination date and did not seek any further talks, the amount last year has remained at the current 30.90 EUR.
Since 14th March we are again in negotiations with the DB Regio and other participating railway companies.

Offer of the Bahn

The Bahn now offers us to increase the semester ticket fee from 30.90 EUR to 50.88 EUR for the summer semester 2019, which means an increase of 64.66%.

This is justified by an alleged additional use of the semester ticket. Unfortunately, the Bahn was unable to provide us with comprehensible proof of this additional use upon request. They also charge the amount they would have received if we had agreed last year to the offered increase of Deutsche Bahn.

For comparison

  • In the summer semester 2009, the increase of 10.00 EUR to 24.90 EUR extended the ticket to the entire Thuringia route network (previously there were three connections included: Ilmenau-Erfurt, Arnstadt-Saalfeld and Arnstadt-Meiningen).
  • The last increase of 6.00 EUR to 30.90 EUR was made for the winter semester 2014/2015. However, this increase also made it possible to extend the ticket to include the free transport of children and grandchildren up to and including the age of 14, as well as the connection to the state ticket of the neighbouring federal states.

In the course of the current negotiations unfortunately neither an extension of the ticket nor a higher frequency of the station Ilmenau could be promised for the price of 50.88 EUR.

That is why this increase seems too high to us.

Our counter offer

The counter offer we have submitted amounts to EUR 33.81 and means an increase of 9.4%. These are the increases in normal ticket prices in the DB region with compound interest since the last increase in 2014.

Our offer was rejected by the Bahn and no better offer was presented to us even after several rounds of negotiations this year. Furthermore, the Bahn is not prepared to refrain from the increase to 50.88 EUR or to approach the student bodies.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at semesterticket@stura.tu-ilmenau.de .

With kind regards

Your StuRa


The Students Council (StuRa) is the elected representative of the student body of the TU Ilmenau



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