Feel free to ask, you already paid.

Raising the semeser fee by 2,50 EUR

The Students' Council (StuRa) wants to increase the semester fee from 7,50 EUR to 10,00 EUR. At the elections this week you can vote if you want to pay more.

How is StuRa using my money?

Many activities on the campus would not be possible without support from StuRa.

These are the projects we are supporting right now:
*First Semester Introduction Week (Erstiwoche) with 15.000 EUR
*ISWI Week with up to 15.000 EUR
*Semester begining party (SAP) with an average of 10.000 EUR
*ILSC e.V. with up to 9.000 EUR (f.i. Club birthday weeks, Campus Noir, many live bands and DJs)
*KuKo e.V. with up to 8.000 EUR (f.i. the most famous sections: Street Food Festival, Wohnzimmerkultur, film club HFC)
*Bergfest Woche with 5.000 EUR
*Some other projects with up to 9.000 EUR (in the past: Second Unit Jazz, Team Starcraft, Market Team, Jazz Club, ...)
*hsf e.V. 5.000 EUR (they bought parts of a new studio)
*further education for members of the students councils
*5 Students Councils of the faculties each with 2.200 EUR (partys, Pub Crawling, Nikolausvorlesung, barbecue evenings and much more)
*Allgemeiner deutscher Hoschschulsportverband (ADH) member fee
* the departments from StuRa summed with 5.000 EUR for projekts like f.i. info events from department Soziales and Internationales, discussions from department political education, different events from department Kultur like visiting a theater, StuRap, picture exhibitions and MenSAParty or the Vereihnachtsmarkt from department Ehrenamt.

Why should I pay more?

At the moment the money reserves are rapidly shrinking:
*End of 2014: 70.000 EUR money reserve
*End of 2015: 50.000 EUR money reserve
*End of 2016: 30.000 EUR money reserve
if they will shrink further StuRa will not be able to finance the many activities at campus as it now does. Also the fee was never raised since its introduction at the beginning of the nineties (it just changed from 15 DM to 7,50 EUR in 2002) but the costs are rising (f.i. inflation, higher artist fees ...). Because reserves will be gone in nearby future, big events like SAP, Bergfest or ISWI have to be cut down and the clubs will may be not able to bring as much well and popular artists to Ilmenau. This is not what StuRa wants, due to that StuRa wants to raise the semester fee, to make sure campus live can be as diverse and wide as it is now.


And now?

During the elections from 29.05. to 02.06.2017 YOU can decide if you want to pay 2,50 per semester more or if you want to cut down student projects.

If you have any questions, please write an email to wahlen@stura.tu-ilmenau.de


The Students Council (StuRa) is the elected representative of the student body of the TU Ilmenau



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