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Department Working Groups

This department comprises the current working groups of the Students Council, which focus on the realization of concrete projects. The members and leaders of the working groups are often detached from the Students Council and the student representatives.

Working Group "Diversity"

The working group “Diversity” has set itself the task to fight against homophobia and sexism. The aim is to support a tolerant and cosmopolitan campus. At that there shouldn’t be made differences between gender, sexual orientation and other varieties. Representatives should be persons living on the campus.

Fighting against prejudices is the aim of the working group. A good opening was the week against homophobia and sexism in cooperation with the equal status council.

Working Group "Regulations"

Statutes and regulations are important for a regulated and fair dealing with each other. Especially in the public committees where persons with different backgrounds and therefore different expectations meet each other, generally binding rules are useful. They also prevent from discursive discussions how certain processes are to be handled and safe time for our work. But times are changing and so, consequently, also the demands with regard to the regulations, policies and statutes. Judicial decisions do the rest.

For that reason a working group was build which aims at matching our regulations to the demands of today.


The Students Council (StuRa) is the elected representative of the student body of the TU Ilmenau



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