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Department "Promotion of Volunteer Work"

Due to the rising economic importance of studies the pressure to graduate as soon as possible has increased during the last decades. The implementation of the bachelor/master system brought an additional academic structure with internships, thesis and likely a change of the university after 6-7 terms as well as the increased workload with regard to study and exams. These changes have a bad influence on the commitment to work on a voluntary basis.

Nevertheless volunteer work is essential for the cultural, functional and social aspects on our campus. Without people working honorary there wouldn’t be either clubs or a cinema on the campus as well as cultural events or the student television, the radio and the ISWI.

Thus, the Students Council implemented the department “Promotion of Volunteer Work” in 2009, which has the aim to promote the voluntary activity among the students. Tasks are for example entering into a dialogue with the university to improve the compatibility of volunteer work and studies, communicating the results to the students and last but not least to motivate and enable the students to do work voluntary.


The department provides information about the student associations on the campus in the context of Opens external link in new windowUnitiative, in the association guidepost as well as during the “Erstiwoche” and on the “Vereinachtsmarkt” (Christmas market with all student associations). Public events and meetings can be found easily in theOpens external link in new window entertainments guide and date-coordinator. An information exchange between the associations and the Students Council takes place on the monthly meeting of all associations, where all members of the Students Council and all members of the associations are sincerely welcome. The topics that are discussed in the course of the meeting especially concern the voluntary working members of the associations. Topics are for example the long-term tuition fees, the flyer ruling in the canteen or the “Erstiwoche”. The invitations for the meetings and additional information are sent by an E-Mail via mailing list. Student associations can apply for being on the mailing list and are admitted by an admin. To discharge their tasks there are not only information exchange and advice but also special training. This includes themes like accounting in voluntary associations, insurance while working voluntary or application for (public) funds. As a small tribute for the afforded voluntary commitment, since 2010 a voluntary award is consigned at the graduate ceremony.

The department works hard to live up to these tasks and is always looking for new ideas and impulses. If you think you are the right person for doing that job, write a short E-Mail or visit us in the office of the Students Council. You’ll find there a sympathetic ear.


The Students Council (StuRa) is the elected representative of the student body of the TU Ilmenau



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