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Department "Finances"

This department of the Students Council administrates among others the budget of the student body that is financed by the 7,50€ per student as part of the semester fees. For this purpose the department keeps the legally fixed documents, pays the bills and considers the application of funds for internal and external projects.


The department “Finances” consists in particular of the persons in charge for the budget and the exchequer, the budget consultant is also called financial consultant. Their election and their authorities are fixed in the Thuringian student body finance order (ThürStudFVO), whereby the budget consultant mandatory needs to be a student. The persons in charge for the budget and the exchequer net to be elected with a two-thirds (2/3) vote (financial order).

Tasks of the budget consultant are to mount the budget at the end of a year for the upcoming one with an eye toward providence and profitability of the actions and also to control the implementation of the budget. The inspection of financial requests and accounting go with this task. Furthermore he is responsible for accounting to last year’s budget activities in the budgetary closure. Both the budget and the budgetary closure have to be submitted to the Students Council as well as the particular cost centre and account position. Parallel to the decision-making with regard to the budget there is normally also to decide about the relief of the responsible persons for what they did afford.

The internal audit of the university inspects the budget as well its implementation and the budgetary closure. If there are no objections the principal appropriates the budget. Furthermore the Regional Court of Audit exercises its right of budget monitoring.

The financial consultant is in charge of the accounting and the payment transactions of the Students Council. This is a very responsible task. Currently an employee of the Students Council accomplishes this task.


Beside these formal tasks there are a lot of smaller and more practical details. Thus the budget consultant is in charge to provide information about the possibilities of support by the Students Council and the associated formalism. In addition he can appropriate smaller expenses for office supplies or projects of the Students Council without an additional order of the Students Council. Furthermore he is responsible for the inspection of the supported projects and to demand back alienated funds if necessary. For this he needs a thorough knowledge about the subsidy regulations of the Students Council and their usage in the day-to-day business.

The right to veto is a method the budget consultant can utilise if the Students Council makes a decision that isn’t compatible with the legally order in financial regard. This right to veto can’t be outvoted by the Students Council – there is basically no decision with financially effects without the agreement of the budget consultant. In reverse he is - under the circumstances – personally liable for accrued damages. So he is the contact person for all members of the Students Council with regard to financial issues.


The Students Council is able to issue funds to associations and students so that the student body can accomplish its legally given tasks. For that it is necessary that the grant recipient submits a description of the project as well as a financial plan according to the given form (see downloads) and that the project is personally presented on a meeting in front of the Students Council. It is important to stick to the following deadlines: The decision has to be made at least 7 days before the beginning of the project and the request has to be submitted at least 7 days before the decision-making of the Students Council. The recess time has to be taken into account, because there are no regular meetings. With regard to the usage of the funds a cross-reference has to be administered and handed in within 6 month to the Students Council. Otherwise the funds forfeit.

Projects with party political or religious contents have longer deadlines and need to meet special requirements. If the grant recipient is a natural person, there might be problems with Bafög and with regard to the liability. The more detailed prescriptions and further information can be found in the regulations and recommendations of the Students Council.

If there are any questions with regard to funding the department “finances” offers advice. Before handing in the request it is recommended to seek talks with the members of the department.



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